The Rocker Fountain

Submitted by katehsiao on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 17:43


Team member: Kate Hsiao, Shaohan Chen, Wendy Xue

The hand device:

We envision the user will hold a device in his/her hand. The hand device will be a ball shaped device with 5 buttons on it. Each button corresponds to a finger. When a button is pressed, the device measure the pressure applied to the button. The device can be strapped onto the palm. On the back of the hand, there are 5 wires that connect the device to the water fountain. When a button is pressed, the wire connecting the button to the fountain will be lit up, as if the device is transmitting water or energy towards the fountain.

The fountain:

The fountain consists of 5 tubes. Each tube encloses a water spring. Each tube is wired to the device. When a user presses a button on the device, the corresponding spring will shoot water up. The amount of force applied by the finger controls how high water can reach. A music tone is played according to the height the water reaches.

The device, the fountain and the music together

First a user selects a predefined piece of music to play. Each note in the music corresponds to a button on the device. When the right amount of the force is applied to the button, the right music note is played, and the water in the fountain is shot up to the expected height. If more force is applied to the device, water shoot up and over the expected height. Tone music tone will be played on a higher pitch. If not enough force is applied, the water will reach below expected height and the tone is played on a lower pitch. 

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