Thoughtless Actions

Submitted by jooddang on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 23:54


I found this scene in my aunt's house. The caps were hung at doorknob of storeroom, which is on the way to garage. Since my cousin often forgets to bring her cap she is used to hang her caps there.

If she puts a cap hanger next to the garage door, she won't need to hang the caps at doorknob of storeroom.


I found this scene in my aunt's house as well. The hose is used to sprinkle water on grass at the front yard. Since my uncle wants to organize the hose well, he utilized an unused flowerpot. Yet, he says that it is not always easy to put the hose in this way because it can be entangled. He would want to use a long cylinder instead of the pot to organize the hose winding it up around the cylinder.


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