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Remote Collaboration Project Proposal: Collaborative Drawings


Euiyoung Kim, Eunkwang Joo, Lisa Wang


Final Project Concept

Our project concept is to develop sensorial inter-feedback system for remote motion-based education/painting/drawing/dancing between multi-users to enhance virtual collaboration experience by providing sensorial feedback.


Our team hasn’t decided a final project proposal and we are still exploring ideas among a couple of options below, so we may need to consult with prof. Kimiko and other teaching team members for the further step ups.


There are possible concepts of our final project.

  1) Filling a canvas by photos captured by multiple users in different places at the same time. A person sends a message to one’s friends geologically apart to ask sending photos captured by each and then the canvas is filled with these images. 


  2) Collaborative Composers

    Two or more people gather together online. They have kind of Lego blocks, in each of which different kinds of music beats are encoded. They can make rhythm by putting the blocks on a board. On the screen, they can see each other's faces, boards and how they change the position of their blocks to make a change of rhythm. By looking at others' performance, a user add blocks, modify position of blocks, and remove them to make harmony.

The width of the board is a certain period of note. Music player repeatedly play encoded beat of a block from left to right.


  3) Collaborative Drawing

    Two or more people fill color of an outlined picture together. They divide the area of the picture by number of participants and each area is assigned to each participant. A user fills color according to sketch outlines. Users can choose color from digital palettes, and any tangible objects around them using a color copy stamp. The color copy stamp is composed of camera lens, and a bulb. Once a user pick an object for stamp, the color copy stamp transfer the stamp to the collaborative workspace.

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