Illuminating Shadows

Submitted by jmscott212 on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 15:13

Midterm Sketch: Illuminating Shadows

In our project we are working with the notion of ‘shadows of light’ in an attempt to simulate the experience of walking through dark/scary spaces more pleasurable.

When a person approaches the area of the installation a shadow of light slowly emerges on the ground and on a wall near close to them. The user can interact with the shadows in the way that the shadow responds to the user’s gestures.

On an adjacent wall there are a ‘crowd of shadows’ displayed.  The ‘crowd of shadows’ represents all of the previous visitors’ shadows running on a loop, displayed in perspective.  This is accomplished by more recent visitors’ shadows being larger and more illuminated and then having them shrink and dim over time. 

Users therefore interact with their shadow, and watch as their illuminated shadow enters into the crowd of shadows, where it becomes part of an illuminated community that has conquered the dark and scary place.

Our illustration of Illuminating Shadows:

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