Reproducible 3D Remote Education

Submitted by euiyoungkim on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:29

Reproducible 3D remote education

Team member: Lisa Wang, Eunkwang Joo, Euiyoung Kim

key words: mechanical arms, multiple sensors, feedback: green or red to teacher, reproducible,

Our project proposal is an educational tool which allows instructors to teach their students remotely. The instructor and student will be equipped with mechanical arms. The instructor will be able to control the mechanical arms to record the movement. This movement of the mechanical arms can be sent as a digital file to a student, which will reproduce the movement on the student mechanical arms. This movement can be replayed and reproduced. For feedback between student and instructor, the student will use the mechanical to attempt the movement. If it is correct, then a correct signal (such as a green light) will emit for both the student and instructor.

User Scenario
Our use case scenario is an violin instructor teaching students remotely. The instructor will use the mechanical arms to grab the bow and strike the violin to produce a certain note. At the students end, the mechanical arm will reproduce the same note at the same angle. The student will then reproduce the movement with the arms. An audio sensor can determine if the note is correct as well as the angle of the mechanical arms. If all signals match up, both instructor and student will be notified that student has completed the action correctly.


TUI_Midterm_A sequence of steps.png
TUI_Midterm_User Scenario.png
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