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Facilitated Active Communication Transmitter (FACT)


We want to build a device that will bridge the gap in communication between a parent and a child (although specific our target audience could be more generalized).

Our project involves two devices - one for the parent and one for the child. For the parent, the device is a wooden box with LEDs on the sides. For the child, the device is more kid-friendly and will most likely be some sort of a ball shape that is fuzzy (using fabric or other similar materials) and squishable (sponge-like material). The two devices communicate to each other so if the parent knocks on the box, the fuzzy ball will respond, most likely via vibration. Similar if the kid squeezes the ball, the box will vibrate/make a sound/light up.


One special note about the fuzzy ball is that it responds differently to varying levels of interaction. If the kid squeezes the fuzzy ball in a relatively gentle manner, the ball will slowly stop vibrating and send the notification back to the parent.

On the other hand, if the fuzzy ball is thrown or otherwise violently squeezed/shaken, the ball will respond negatively by vibrating more.

Through this simple response mechanism, we hope to further develop this device to become a way to communication emotions and to teach the child to be more gentle. 


See the images for more details.


Kid's Fur Ball - The kid's mode of communication
Parent's Box - The parent's mode of communication
Scenario for our project
Updated Storyboard
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