Toy Train Sequencer

Submitted by alexis.taylor on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 20:37

Team Members

Kelly Park, Alexis Taylor


Kelly and I changed our project from a sandbox in which children could create sound sequences to a toy train, as it proved to be a bit more intuitive. The train moves along a circular track, with train cars that can either be assigned a melody (which should complete in one full loop) or left silent. Objects are placed along the track and their sounds triggered whenever the train passes by. It may seem similar to the marble tracks sequencer found here, but one key difference is that the train's speed - and therefore song's tempo - can be slowed down or sped up. We envision self-recording for brief samples, and multiple users. This playset also allows for multifunction use, in that it can still be used as a basic train set. 

Toy Train Sequencer Storyboard
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