IS 250 - Computer-Based Communications Systems and Networks

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Syllabus in HTML Format
Includes homework assignments and links to lecture notes
Lecture Notes
These notes are an adjunct to the reading for the course. They are intended to provide information that is complementary (or redundant) and possibly useful.
To view the notes, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint:

Networking Intro, Probability, Idealized Networks (Tan. 1)
Panko (1) : Intro
P1, P2: Standards, Protocols, Stacks
More P2, start P3: Physical Layer
P4, PC Network
P4, P5: Larger Networks
P5, P6 - Internet Apps, Security
P7, Intranet Apps. and Other Networks
Module A, More on TCP/IP
Module B, Propagation

This semester's homeworks.

Homework 1 - Tanenbaum: Ch .1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-14, 1-17, and 1-22.
Homework 2 - Web Internet Exercises #2 and #3 from the Introduction chapter. These are at Panko's Prentice Hall website and they are also saved locally on this server.
Homework 3 in MS-Word format This homework asks students to research firewalls, proxies and HTTP environmental variables .
Homework 4 in MS-Word format Students figure out the costs of a small PC network attached to the Internet.
Homework 5 - To be determined
Frequently Asked Questions
Before you ask a question check these out

Subscribing to the IS250 mailing list
Online resources related to data networks

Educational Networks Resources | Files related to the Java Stock Quote application | Lucent (vendor) materials, such as 'the Brick'
Various WWW qualitative and quantitative criteria

Web Robots
Robot exclusion standard by Martijn Koster
Robots FAQ
WWW Specifications and Standards
MIME Type discussion, code examples, mailcap files, and more.
HTML 3.2 Specification
Adds widely deployed features such as tables, applets and text flow around images, while providing full backwards compatibility with the existing standard HTML 2.0.
RFC standards and other important documents
RFC 977
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
RFC - 1413 IDENT protocol
gather the login name from a TCP connection
RFC 1806
Presentation Information for Client-side File Handling
RFC 1867
Form-Based File Upload
Server Push, Client Pull by Netscape
Martin Ramsch's HTML Character Set [ISO8859] Table
Ever wonder how to make weird characters in an HTML page? Here's the complete table.
code for printenv which lists all the HTTP environment variables for a given client session.
code for anag.cgi which uses logic based on Method (Get, Post) --- this is the code behind the anagram application.
Useful CGI code (in Perl).
For Your Reading Pleasure: Miscellaneous articles on the WWW, protocols, etc...


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