Internet Exercises

This page contains exercises that have you use the Internet to answer questions. When you click on a link, a new window will be opened.

1. Internet Statistics.

Yahoo and the Library of Congress have a number of links to webpages that give information on Internet statistics. Go to the following links, find an interesting piece of information, and send it to your teacher.

2. Neotrace.exe

Neotrace.exe is a shareware program that shows you how many router hops there are between your home (or office) PC and a server host on the Internet. It shows you this information visually, via a map. To get your own copy of Neotrace.exe, go to, go to the Downloads page, and search for "Neotrace". Download it to your computer and run it. Have fun.

3. Visit one of the following standards agencies. What kinds of standards would each create?

The Internet Engineering Task Force
The World Wide Web Consortium
The International Organization for Standardization
The International Telecommunications Union- Telecommunications Standards Sector
IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee


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