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SIMS 213 - User Interface Design and Development

Class Projects

ReadingTree.org (email group): Moryma Aydelott, Kirsten Swearingen, Amity Zeh

McInterface (email group): John Yin Chi Wai, Saifon Obromsook, Linda Harjono

Content Management System (email group): Peter Roessler, Chris Marin, Chan Jean Lee, Dhea Maloney

SFnight (email group): Rosa Ren, Monica Fernandes, Bin Xin, Hong Cai

SIMS Textbook Exchange (email group): Shirley Chan, Susanne Eklund, Mary Trombley

Simians Discussion Forum (email group): Linda Duffy, Jean-Anne Fitzpatrick, Sonia Klemperer-Johnson, James Reffell

SFMOMA-DAM (email group): Thoreau Lovell, Margo Dunlap, Joanna Plattner

TraveLite (email group): Sacha Pearson, Kim Garrett, Jennifer English