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SIMS 213 - User Interface Design and Development



Marti Hearst
E-mail: hearst@sims.berkeley.edu
Office: 212 South Hall
Office hours: Tuesdays 2:00-3:00

Teaching Assistant:

Kevin Fox
E-mail: kfox@sims.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: TBA

Reading Materials

The required book is Usability Engineering by Jakob Nielsen. Please order this book online.

There is also a required course reader. It is supposed to be ready on Monday January 22nd at Copy Central at 2560 Bancroft (510-848-9600).


Grades will be determined by a student's performance on a midterm (20%), individual written assignments (30%), and a group project and assignments (50%). The project grades will be based on a combination of presentations, write-ups, and the project itself. The class will not be graded on a curve.

Individual homework should be done independently. It is fine to discuss the general techniques and methods required, but you must do your own work in solving the problems and writing up the solutions. After you turn in your individual homework, you may use this information in the group, combined with others homework, to aid in the project redesigns.

Late Policy

There will be no allowance for late group presentations or assignments. We have a schedule to keep and the rest of the class is depending on you to get your work done on time.

We will accept late individual homework assignments, but the grades will be reduced. The homework is due at the start of class.