The four written assignments are designed to improve your analysis and writing skills. The first is designed to familiarize you with reading statutes and regulations and identifying the public policy and technical concerns they raise. The second aims to assist you in identifying the legal and policy issues in an application, service or technical standard. The third assists you in identifying issues relevant to your employment relationship and considering alternatives for negotiation. Fourth the final assignment you can choose one of two projects: a) a critique of pending legislation from the perspective of either an effected corporation or a non-profit (you must describe your entity and its interest in the issue) in the form of a memo, providing detailed section-by-section analysis where appropriate, to the relevant committee; or b) an analysis of the policy issues raised by a masters project (your proposed project, one from a prior year, or one of the current 2nd yr class) and proposed technical, contractual, design, education or policy options for ameliorating or advancing them in the form of a memo to the developer of the project.

All assignments should be emailed to Nick Rabinowitz () and Travis Pinnick ().

All assignments are due at noon on the date listed below. Late assignments will be penalized: each day an assignment is late will result in a half a grade deduction. Recognizing that emergencies arise, exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Assignment #1 (15%)

Due February 20, 2009
Maximum length 3 pages

Assignment #2 (25%)

Due April 2, 2009
Maximum length 8 pages

Assignment #3 (15%)

Due April 20, 2009
Maximum length 3 pages

Assignment #4 (25%)

Due May 15, 2009
Maximum length 8 pages