Web Architecture and Information Management

INFO 153 (CCN 49815) - Summer 2012

  • This course focuses on understanding the Web as an information system, and how to use it for information management for personal and shared information. The web is an open and constantly evolving system which can make it hard to understand how the different parts of the landscape fit together. This course provides students with an overview of the Web as a whole, and how the individual part fit together. We briefly look at topics such as Web design and Web programming, but this course is not exclusively designed to teach HTML or JavaScript. Instead, we look at the bigger picture and how & when to use these and other technologies. The Web already is and will remain a central part in many infomration-related activities for a long time to come, and this course provides students with the understanding and skills to better navigate and use the landscape of the Web information, Web technologies, Web tools, and common Web patterns

  • Date Subject Slides Required Reading Additional Resources
    Monday July 2nd Introduction to Info 153 Slides None None
    Friday July 6th HTML4 vs. HTML5 Slides Advanced HTML,Differences between HTML4 & HTML5, Dive into HTML5 (skim only) HTML5Rocks, Code Academy
    Monday July 9th Cascading Stylesheets, Filesystems & Web Servers Slides Adding a touch of style,Box Model,CSS Proerties, Website Structure CSS3, CSS Tutorials
    Wednesday July 11th Internet Architecture & Browsers Slides (Internet Architecture), Browsers
    Friday July 13th Hands-on lab: CSS (including CSS 3)
    Monday July 16th DOM & Scripting Slides
    Wednesday July 18th Content Types & HTML Forms Slides (HTML Forms), Slides (Content Types)
    Friday July 20th Hands-on lab: Scripting
    Monday July 23rd Guest Lecture (Jonathan Smile, Zurb): Design that drives Actions & Responsive Design Slides 1, Slides 2
    Wednesday July 25th Guest Lecture (Ryan Greenberg, Twitter): AJAX & JSONP Slides
    Friday July 27th Guest Lecture (Nick Doty, W3C & I School): Privacy Slides
    Monday July 30th State Management Slides
    Wednesday August 1st Guest Lecture (Michael Manoochehri, Google): Search & CDN Slides (CDN)
    Friday August 3rd Hands-on lab: Git
    Monday August 6th Guest Lecture (Gabriel Grant, DotCloud): Cloud Computing

  • # Title Link Attachments
    Assignment # 1 Dancing with HTML Description index.html page
    Assignment # 2 CSS Stylemaster Description
    Assignment # 3 Javascript Ninja Description Required Files
    Assignment # 4 Instagram Olympian Description