1. Oakland Wiki: This Messy Thing Called Governance

    After immersing myself in the community for the last two months, I cannot figure out if the organization is governed by a benevolent dictatorship or if its by consensus. However, I asked about a conflict last last week, and what I’ve figured out thus far based on my conversations ...

  2. PeerLibrary governance

    Tue 22 October 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary has not yet been around long enough for a real governance to emerge. Currently team is small enough and can meet in person so all questions can be addressed directly and efficiently. The team is currently homogeneous enough so some big issues have not yet emerged.

    What I would ...

  3. Peerlibrary - Governance Model

    I think the governance model for Peerlibrary is the benevolent dictatorship. Peerlibrary's dictator would be Mi Tar, although a lovable and meek one at that. I feel that he is the public face of PeerLibrary and his strong leadership skills combined with a very thorough vision for Peerlibrary enables ...

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