Assignment4: GeoNode's Governance structure, Decision making process and Résolution solving

Governance structure in Geonode -

There exists a semi-formal governance structure in GeoNode i.e., there are few core developers who have been in the project for quite long time who get to raise important issues related to feature implementation. However, all developers can comment or fix any code. I observe that there is no fixed hierarchy, at least while raising issues/bugs, assigning to developers and fixing those bugs in Github. From my observation, I can say the governance structure is somewhat of Benevelent Autocratic stucture at GeoNode.

Decision making process at GeoNode with respect to feature implementation -

I observe that the decision making process at Geonode is quite transparent. Currently no new features are implemented in GeoNode, since Geonode is testing and bug-fixing phase. But, whenever any critical/mandatory requirement needs a major change in the code, the developer raises an issue in Github and there is a proper patch review process in place.

If a committer thinks a proposed change to the software is particularly destabilizing or far-reaching, that committer can upgrade the ticket for that change to a GeoNode Improvement Proposal (GNIP). GNIP tickets are an opportunity for committers and users alike to provide feedback about the design of a proposed feature or architectural change. The proposal should be iteratively edited in response to community feedback. During the process, others will comment and discuss the possible solutions for that issue on the github itself. Geonode might have come up with this mode to keep a track of list of all new features and the decision making process that went behind the issue.

Résolution solving in GeoNode -

The atmosphere seems to be very amicable - anyone can open an issue. Others can do 3 things 1) solve the issue/bug 2) write more comments as to how to replicate the issue 3) if there is an idea to solve it, that idea can be discussed in the form of comments in github. For eg: When I raised the issue of about problems faced while load the geo-spacial data into the server, others give immediate responses/options as to how I can go about solve this issue.

  1. GeoNode Patch Review Process
  2. GeoNode Community Byelaws

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