1. Oakland Wiki: An Introduction

    Let me start by saying this is my first foray into open source peer collaboration. In fact, prior to enrolling at the School of Information, I don’t think I would have known what the term meant, or understood why one would commit his or her time to a project ...

  2. Supporting Open annotation with Hypothes.is

    ASSIGNMENT 1: Report on your experience contacting and explaining your intention to contribute to the community. Did you follow a 'script'? Was it a formal or informal process? Did you face any barriers to participation? Do you think your experience was personal or general? Please include in your post links ...

  3. Assignment 1 - Approaching CiviCRM

    How I jumped back into to working with the CiviCRM team on documentation, how I will contribute, including a summary of the CiviCRM participation structure.

  4. Bootstrapping PeerLibrary community

    Tue 17 September 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary is a fresh project so vivid open source community does not yet exist around it. Current developers are meeting mostly in person and necessary technological and social infrastructure for new contributors has been missing. But in the course of the first assignment we were approached by two new contributors ...

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