1. Hypothes.is History

    Details about the second assignment, including history, infrastructure, and demographics of the project.

  2. Lab 4 - Build Pelican site locally

    Mon 30 September 2013
    By Seb

    This guide takes you through the steps you need to build and test the course website locally. From now on, you will be expected to test your commits by publishing the site locally before submitting pull requests.

    Our site is made with Pelican, a Python static-site generator.

    If you are ...

  3. Lab 3 - Hunting Social Epidemics & Human Timing (Data exploration)

    Tue 24 September 2013
    By Thomas

    Summary & Description

    Our third lab will let you find social epidemics on Google trends.

    Social epidemics arising from cascading influence of a socially linked population are a fundamental feature of open collaboration. While epidemic cascades can be found in open collaboration platforms (e.g. github, wiki), they are much easier ...

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