Week 1 - Thursday, January 18

Introduction and Communications Theory


Week 2 - Thursday, January 25

Communications Theory Continues and Overview, Audio and Image Processing


Week 3 - Thursday, February 1

Intro to Semiotics and Formalist Media Theory I: Narration

Readings 1, Readings 2

Week 4 - Thursday, February 8

Formalist Media Theory I: Narration Continued  

Intro to Formalist Media Theory II: Cinematography

Readings 2 Readings 1,

Week 5 - Thursday, February 15

Lab Visits - Berkeley Institute for Design (BID), Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC)

Formalist Media Theory II: Cinematography

Formalist Media Theory III: Editing (Time Permitting)


Film Theory Application
Assignment 1 (Theory Application) Introduction

Week 6 - Thursday, February 22

Formalist Media Theory IV: Editing (continued)


Semiotic Media Theory


Week 7 - Thursday, March 1

Assignment 1: Theory Application Due

Intro to Audio and Image Signals

Week 8 - Thursday, March 8

Readings Image and Audio Signals Continued

Image Filtering Assignment Due

Readings Automated Media Analysis: Video

Readings Intro to Video Content Analysis and Computer Vision

Week 9 - Thursday, March 15

Assignment 2 (Object Lesson)

Introduction Media Theory Review (Guest, Marc Davis)

Semiotic Media Theory and Intro to Computational Media Theory

Week 10 - Thursday, March 22

Object Lesson Reviews (Guest: Rachel Strickland)
Assignment 2: Training Assignment from Object Lesson Due


Video Production Overview (Rachel Strickland) Readings

Audio Production Overview (Rachel Strickland) Readings 1, Readings_2  

Assignment 3 (Short Media Production - from previous class) Overview and Ideation
Milestone 1: Pre-production


Final Project Overview and Milestones  


Final Project: Overview

Week 11 - Thursday, March 29

No Class

Week 11 - Thursday, April 5

Assignment 2: Final Object Lesson Due

Readings Automated Media Analysis: Audio

Readings Systems Overview: Commercial Media Asset Management Systems


Week 12 - Thursday, April 12

Readings Metadata for Media

Readings Systems Overview: Research Multimedia Systems

Annotated Storyboard Working Session and Critique
Assignment 3

    Milestone 1: Preproduction Due

    Milestone 2: Rough Edit Due (Discussions with Rachel Strickland)


Final Project Milestone 1: Team and Idea Formation Due (one paragraph describing your project)

Week 13 - Thursday, April 19

Media Classification and Asset Management (Presentation)

Media Communications, Intro to Social Media

Readings Active Capture and Adaptive Media

Readings Media Asset Management and Reuse Process

Readings Multimedia Standards: MPEG-7 and the Semantic Web


Assignment 3 Milestone 3: Post-Production Due

Final Project Milestones 2: Proposal Due Milestone 2: Proposal


Week 14 - Thursday, April 26

Final Project Milestone 3: Design Specs Due (turn in during class or email to

Milestone 3: Design Specs (sample from previous class)


Readings Mobile Media

Social Media (Guest, Marc Davis)

Week 15 - Thursday, May 3

Readings The Future of Multimedia Information Technology

Systems Overview: Research Multimedia Systems

Final Project Milestone 4: Presentations

Milestone 4: Presentations and Milestone 5: Write-Ups

Week 16 - Thursday, May 10

No class

Week 17 - Sunday, May 13

Final Project Milestone 5: Write-Ups Due 5:00 p.m.  (email to

Milestone 4: Presentations and Milestone 5: Write-Ups