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4 Ways One Database Would Help Music Fans, Industry

You'd think, after finishing the final and the course, adding to the 202 blog would be the last thing on anyone's mind. But I saw this article and reflexively fired up the "Create Content" form, because this is essential 202, in my mind. It helped me realize why I've never been comfortable with music subscription services (I have a curated library that I don't want to get stuck behind a pay wall) and how musicians and industry would be better off if they could all agree to agree, for once.

On DEVONthink

And now, a word about DEVONthink. They describe it as a "smart information assistant", although you could think of it as a sort of MyResearchBits.

One Ring to Rule Them All: Google Voice centralizes calls to your home, office and cell--and transcribes messages

 This article in TIME Magazine by Josh Quittner briefly describes a service offered by Google where you can pick one central phone number which will simultaneously route the call to x number of other phones (landline and/or mobile numbers), freeing you from being at a particular phone in order to answer the call... for those times when someone *really* needs to reach you quickly, I guess.

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