School of Information
 Previously School of Library and Information Studies

  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access.
 ("The Friday Afternoon Seminar")
  Examples of Students' Topics in Previous Semesters.

Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Schedule.
Fall 2014
Joint Interactions between a Smartwatch, Sensors, and Smartphones.
Spring 2014
Towards a revolution in publishing.
Fall 2013
Alternative Visions of Internet-like Connectivity.
Spring 2013
Search Interfaces for Plant Collections.
Fall 2012
Nuclear Forensics: A Scientific Search problem
Fall 2011
Social Relationships, Information Flows and Agriculture in Rural China.
Fall 2010
Matching and Merging Entities in Collections of Archive Description Records.
Spring 2010
E-Resources for Industry Studies.
Fall 2009
Personalized Ontologies of Location.
Neighborhood Based Approaches Towards Building a Book Recommendation System.
The Haymarket Affair/Massacre/Riot: Programmatically Analyzing Full Texts About a Contested Event.
Spring 2009
Mining Events from Wikipedia.
The History of Communication After California Earthquakes.
Giving Relevancy to Twitter: A new approach at Real-time Search.
Fall 2008
Berkeley Energy Dashboard.
TimeMap and HistoryVis: Displaying Geotemporal Data Online.
Mining historical event references from scanned documents.
Spring 2008
Case Studies in Contextualizing Digital Resources.
Fall 2007
Conceptual Schemas for Events.
Spring 2007
Fall 2006
Berkeley Academics Management System (BAMS)
Who Is In My Neighborhood? Defining Neighborhoods with Distinct Boundaries & Identifying Localized Context.
Spring 2006
What Clicks? Why do Korean Cyber Users Participate in Sharing Information?
Mass Digitization: Is Google a Trusted Repository?
Translating Dialects in Search: Mapping between Specialized Languages of Discourse and Documentary Languages.
Fall 2005
Comprehension Assessment for Multimedia Information.
Spring 2005
Blogging and the Internet.
Fall 2004
The Uhle Collections @ Berkeley: Archaeological Research Websites.
Exploring the Question of "Informal" Information Retrieval.
The Internationalization of the Creative Commons.
Plans for an Student Design Reuse Imagebase.
A Melvyl Research Panel for Microsoft Word.
Spring 2004
FreeDB and Other Music Metadata Providers: The Hidden Linchpins of the P2P Phenomenon.
Fall 2003
Digital Libraries for Children.
Information Access for Young Children.
Digital Preservation: Taking a Byte out of History.
Design of Time Period Directory.
Spring 2003
Sustainable Knowledge Communities: Learning from the bIPLog.
Fall 2002
Digitalchem - Applying MPEG7 to Lecture Video Search Engine.
Information Extraction using FrameNet and WordNet.
Design of a Maintenance and Operations Recommender (MORE).
A Comparison of Relationship Visualization Tools.
Spring 2002
WhereIS: A locating service.
Fall Semester 2001
When MARC meets GIS.
Combining Two or More Information Resources to Provide a More Unified Search Capability.
Meeting the Distributed Challenge: Cheshire System's Present and Near Future.
Harnessing Peer-to-Peer for Multiple Writers.
Internet Archive: Documenting Ourselves to Death,
Distributed Information Rerieval Client-Server Model.
A Study on Search Engines.
Spring 2001
Searching the Impossible?! A simple prototype "smart search helper".
For Better Performance of Entry Vocabulary Indexes.
Union Catalog Architecture and "Hunting-Gathering".
Fall 2000
Medical Information for and from sub-Saharan Africa.
Multi-media Displays of Information.
Data Mining: Knowledge Finding in Information Access.
The New News Intermediaries.
Spring 2000
Modern Industrial Papermaking and its Consequences for Librarians.
XML Applications and related technologies.
Preliminary Research on Subdomain Indexes Special Vocabulary for Special Information Needs.
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