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 Previously School of Library & Information Studies

 Friday Afternoon Seminar on Information Access: Schedule.
  296a-1 Seminar: Information Access, Fall 2017.
Fridays 3-5. 107 South Hall. Presentation Summaries. Email list.
South Hall 107, Fridays 3-5 pm. Everyone interested is welcome!

Aug 25: Clifford LYNCH: Introductions. Introducing the "Age of Algorithms".
    Paulo OHTOSHI, Univ. of Brasilia: An Ontology-based Model of Information Behavior.
Sep 1: No Seminar: Labor Day Weekend.
Sep 8: Abigail DE KOSNIK, Berkeley Center for New Media: A Ratings System for Piracy.
Sep 15: Betsy COOPER, Center for Long Term Cybersecurity: Why the Future of Cybersecurity is Closer Than You Think.
Sep 22: Special program: Ray Larson's Academic Life. 1:10 - 5:00 pm
Sept 29: No Seminar meeting.
Oct 6: Jeff MACKIE-MASON, University Librarian: Can We Afford to go Gold (Open Access)? Can We Afford Not To?
Oct 13: Elaine SEDENBERG & Daniel GRIFFIN: The Center for Technology, Society & Policy: What Works, What Doesn't, and How to Set a Research Agenda that Empowers Student Impact.
Oct 22: David ROSENTHAL, Stanford: The Amnesiac Society.
Oct 27: Michael BUCKLAND: What counts as Information? What counts as a Collection?
Nov 3: Clifford LYNCH: Developments in the Marketplace for Cultural Materials, with Implications for Access and Preservation.
Nov 10: University holiday: No Seminar.
Nov 13, Monday: Claudio GOTTSCHALG-DUQUE, University of Brasilia, Brazil: Towards Knowledge-Based Decision Support System using Propositional Analysis and Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST).
Nov 17: Christine BORGMAN, UCLA: If Data Sharing is the Answer, What is the Question?
Nov 25: Thanksgiving: No Seminar.
Dec 1: Michael BUCKLAND: Bibliographical Access to Anything.
    Clifford LYNCH: Year in Review and Preview: A Few Major Developments.

    The Seminar will resume on January 19th.
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