School of Information Management & Systems. Spring 2001.
  Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  296a-4 Documents in Society.

  2 credit.   CCN# 42757.   Tues 2-3:30 p.m.   107 South Hall.

Niels Windfeld Lund, Temporarily South Hall 203A. Office hours: Fridays 1-2 and by appt.

Michael Buckland. 203A South Hall. (510) 642 3159. Office hours: Mondays 11 - Noon and by appt.
Description:   The seminar will take a critical view on the role documents (letters, books, photography, film, digital files, etc.) play in society: differing roles, differing contexts, differing technology. A historically-informed, analytical, and comparative examination of theories and practices relating to the roles of documents in human life. The seminar will be in three sections:
    1. Concepts in legal, educational, science, mass media, and bibliographical traditions;
    2. Models for the analysis and representation of the production, organization, and use of documents; and,
    3. Empirical types of documents defined by topic (e.g. agriculture, fashion, history), medium (computer, book, film) or genre (e.g. novels, journalism, music.).   Why take this course?
Prerequisite:   None.
Program.   The Schedule will list assignments and handouts.   Readings.
Assignments: 1. Me, Documents, and Society.
Background:   Prof Niels Windfeld Lund is Professor at the Institute for Documentation Studies at the University of Tromsoe in Norway and has been researching the ways in which documents (very broadly defined) are produced, organized and used in society. He will be on research leave at SIMS during the the Spring semester. The seminar is a vehicle for him to share and develop his ideas, which will be presented in a forthcoming book entitled Document: An Introduction to Documentation Science.