Final Project

GDP and the Players

Demo | Github

Ankita Bhosle, Sydney Friedman, Aisha Kigongo, Brian Murphy

When a country exports goods, it sells them to a foreign market, that is to consumers, businesses, or governments in another country. Those exports bring money into the country, which increases the exporting nation’s GDP. When a country imports goods, it buys them from foreign producers. The money spent on imports leaves the economy, and that decreases the importing nations GDP. How much of the statement above is validated by the data?

Stalkerbook: The Who Am I? Facebook Guessing Game

Demo | Github

Eunkwang Joo, Jenton Lee, Sandra Helsley, Daniel Tsai

The user is asked to log into Facebook so that the app can access the user's friend list. The app picks one of the user’s connections and the user has to guess who that person within 3 tries.


Demo | Github

Ryan Baker, Ashley DeSouza, Tom Quast, Victor Stratostenko

UFO-IO contains the largest, most comprehensive dataset of UFO sightings in existence, and lets users explores the data in a whole new context.

Music Map

Demo | Github

Ajeeta Dhole, Vanessa McAfee, Ruchita Rathi, Dheera Tallapragada

With the abundance of available music, discovering music is a difficult task. Music Map helps enhance your experience of discovering popular and trendig music worldwide. Our application is targeted not only to music lovers, but also music trend analysts, pulishers, and event organisers who are interested in what people in various locations are listening to.

Who Likes Me the Most?

Demo | Github

Shao-Han Chen, Kate Hsiao, Derek Kuo, Kelly Park

Based on what we have learned from the course, we built an app to get the data from Facebook and to draw visulization showing the user's social relationship on Facebook. This app is like a time-lapse picture of a user’s friendship on facebook.

Our Paths

Demo | Github

Shaun Giudici, Hassan Jannah, Chalenge Masekera, Divyakumar Menghani

The project visualizes the GPS data captured by the user. The user can upload his/her GPS data and visualize the journey. Also, the user can see the pictures taken during the journey. We have data of about 6-7 users and their pictures collected during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Fantasy Football Advisor

Demo | Github

Pablo Arvizu, Ashwin Chandak, Christopher Fan, Ramit Malhotra

Fantasy Football Advisor is a recommendation system that suggests the best playing team composition for a given week. The recommendation is based on a statistical matchup analysis between the players of the user's roster and the opponent to team would face that week.



Jason Blum

This is a tool for representing textual information as audio, specifically midi-format songs.

Project 3: Social & Distributed Classifications

Flickr Interestingness Explorer

Demo | Github

Shao-Han Chen, Divyakumar Menghani, Dheera Tallapragada, Daniel Tsai


Demo | Github

Ryan Baker, Ashwin Chandak, Brian Murphy, Ruchita Rathi

LinkedIn Profiler

Demo | Github

Pablo Arvizu, Sandra Helsley, Hassan Jannah, Jenton Lee


Demo | Github

Ankita Bhosle, Kate Hsiao, Aisha Kigongo, Derek Kuo

Movie Together

Demo | Github

Christopher Fan, Chalenge Masekera, Kelly Park, Vanessa McAfee

Food Finder

Demo | Github

Jason Blum, Ashley DeSouza, Ajeeta Dhole, Victor Stratostenko

Flickr Interestingness Explorer

Demo | Github

Sydney Friedman, Shaun Giudici, Eunkwang Joo, Ramit Malhotra, Tom Quast

Project 2: Controlled Vocabularies

Yelp Tagger


Victor Stratostenko, Jenton Lee, Dan, Kate Hsiao

Movie Genre Guesser

Demo | Github

Brian Murphy, Eunkwang Joo, Chalenge Masekera, Sandra Helsley

Cal Tweet Mapper

Demo | Github

Shao-Han Chen, Derek Kuo, Pablo Arvizu, Ashwin Chandak

MetaGenie—LastFM + Youtube Mashup

Demo | Github

Ruchita Rathi, Divyakumar Menghani, Kelly Park, Shaun Giudici

Demo | Github

Ajeeta Dhole, Dheera Tallapragada, Vanessa McAfee

Course (S)crap

Demo | Github

Ryan Baker, Ashley DeSouza, Aisha Kigongo, Tom Quast

Wikipedia Category Cruncher

Demo | Github

Sydney Friedman, Jason Blum, Ankita Bhosle

Twitter for Dummies

Demo | Github

Hassan Jannah, Christopher Fan, Ramit Malhotra

Project 1: Memex

The Merry Memex Maker

Demo | Github

Ashley DeSouza, Jenton Lee, Brian Murphy, Ajeeta Dhole

Visualize Trails!


Kelly Park, Kate Hsiao, Shao-Han Chen, Eunkwang Joo


Demo | Github

Aisha Kigongo, Vanessa McAfee, Victor Stratostenko, Jason Blum

IOLab Simple Memex

Demo | Github

Ruchita Rathi, Derek Kuo, Christopher Fan


Demo | Github

Hassan Jannah, Dan, Ryan Baker, Shaun Giudici

Footy Trails

Demo | Github

Ramit Malhotra, Pablo Arvizu, Chalenge Masekera

YouTube Playlist Trail Browser

Demo | Github

Sandra Helsley, Tom Quast, Sydney Friedman

Trail Blazer

Demo | Trail Blazer

Dheera Tallapragada, Divyakumar Menghani, Ankita Bhosle, Ashwin Chandak