Information Organization Lab will give students the opportunity to explore concepts related to information organization and retrieval in a hands-on fashion and develop competency with technical tools they can use in other projects at the School of Information.These tools will include: Javascript, JQuery, Python, XML, and version control using Git.

Students will complete four projects during the course of the semester. Projects will cover topics including: controlled vocabularies, social classification, and information retrieval.

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IO Lab Syllabus
Date Subject Assigned Due
L1. 8/27 Introductions, Syllabus, HTML, DOM, CSS Mini-Assignment: Setup & Your First IOLab Website
L2. 8/29 Javascript and jQuery HW1 Assigned - Simple Website, JavaScript, & Inspector Mini Assignment
9/3 Holiday
L3. 9/5 lab jQuery and Git Reading: Bush, Vannebar - "As We May Think" HW1 Due
L4. 9/10 Project 1 - Delicious Memex (go through working demo) Project 1 Assigned
L5. 9/12 lab More Git HW2 Assigned
L6. 9/17 Web Standards + HTML5
L7. 9/19 lab HTML5 Demos
L8. 9/24 Project 1 Demos Reading: Project 1 Due, HW 2 Due
L9. 9/26 lab Software Engineering: Code style, comments, documentation Project 2 Assigned
L10. 10/1 Working with APIs (callbacks, JSON-P, etc.)
L11. 10/3 lab OAuth2 Lab - Get everyone to connect to facebook
L12. 10/8 Mobile
L13. 10/10 lab Responsive Web / Adaptive Design
L14. 10/15 Data Visualization
L15. 10/17 lab Data Visualization Lab
L16. 10/22 Project 2 Demos Project 3 Assigned Project 2 Due
L17. 10/24 lab Fusion Tables (Data Viz)
L18. 10/29 Outsourcing Tools - Mechanical Turk, etc.
L19. 10/31 lab Test Driven Development (TDD) / Unit Testing
L20. 11/5 Object Oriented Javascript
L21. 11/7 lab Python Scripting Lab
11/12 Holiday
L22. 11/14 Project 3 Demos Final Project Assigned Project 3 Due
L23. 11/19 Node. JS
L24. 11/21 Final Project Ideas/Brainstorming
L25. 11/26 Course Review/Wrap Up Final Project Checkpoint
L26. 11/28 Misc Topics / Project Hacking
12/10 Final Project Due (11:59PM)
12/12 Final Project Presentations (3:00-6:00PM)