School of Information Management & Systems.   Fall 2002.
290-2 Classification and Bibliographical Representation.   Michael Buckland.

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Required text: The primary resource will be the required text:
Wynar's Introduction to Cataloging and Classification. 9th ed., by Arlene G. Taylor. Englewood, Co.: Libraries Unlimited, 2000. A copy is on Graduate Services Reserve. Main Z693.W94 2000

Descriptive Cataloging:
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules. Second Edition. 1998 Revision. Chicago: American Library Association, 1998. Grad Serv Reserve copy requested. Main Z694.15.A56.A53 1998

Michael Gorman. The Concise AACR2: 1998 Revision. Chicago: American Library Association, 1999.   A clear concise version of AACR2 prepared by the principal author of AACR - 168 pages instead of nearly 700. Likely to be sufficient for all but the most specialized needs. Grad Serv Reserve Main Z694.15.A56.G67 1999

Subject Analysis:
A. C. Foskett. The Subject Approach to Information. 5th ed. London: Library Association Publishing, 1996. The 5th edition of this long-established textbook is excellent. It includes library subject headings and classification within a broader coverage. Graduate Reserve copy requested. Main HV 7936.A8.N3 1993

Subject Headings:
Library of Congress Subject Headings. Now in five large volumes. Nearest copy of latest edition is in the Social Sciences Reading Room. Copies of earlier editions will be placed in the Computer Lab.

Library Classifications:
J. Mills. A Modern Outline of Library Classification. 1964. A very good, concise introduction to theories, terminology, and several different classifications, though changes to the schemes have made the details unreliable. Grad Services Reserve requested. Main Z696.M57