School of Information Management & Systems. Fall 2002.
  Previously School of Library & Information Studies

  290-2 Classification and Bibliographical Representation. .
  3 units.   CCN# 42742.   Tu&Thurs 12:30-2 p.m.   107 South Hall.

  Instructor: Michael Buckland.   203A South Hall.   Office hours: Thurs 2-3 p.m. & by appt.   (510) 642 3159.
The course: An introduction to the theory and practice of subject classification systems, representation of intellectual responsibility, and systems for the arrangement, indexing, and representation of objects of any kind through the indepth examination of selected, well-established systems. This class, an expansion of an earlier 1 unit offering, takes a pragmatic approach: We learn by taking selected, well-established systems for classification and representation. We examine them in depth, apply them, and critique them. This class extends 202 and complements 245 Organization of Information in Collections, which uses a more theoretical approach and more eclectic examples. 290-2 is intended for students who want go beyond 202 and is needed by those who want an option on bibliographic or library work.
Prerequisite: IS202 or consent of instructor. Can be taken concurrently with 202.
Approach: There is a required textbook: Wynar's Introduction to Cataloging and Classification   9th ed., by Arlene Taylor. (Libraries Unlimited, 2000). We will work through the textbook week by week, with discussion and exercises. I have a copy of the textbook in my office in case anyone wants to look at it. Also I have placed a copy of an older edition, 1992, in the Computing Lab, which is out-dated, but can give you a sense of sense of what will be covered.
Note: This is an expanded, 3 unit version of an experimental intensive 1-unit course offered in Spring 2001 as 290-4. The scope will be the same. The difference will be the addition of numerous small practical exercises to develop expertise and more time for discussion.
Why?: Why take this course?
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Assignments:   1. Me & 290-2.