November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Jug Hero

Project Members: 
Shawna Hein



Building off of our musical instrument lab...

Haven't you always wanted to play Guitar Hero... But with Jugs??
Enter Jug Hero. This little program allows the user to blow on various
jugs, following along with a computer-generated screen which gives the
user direction for which jugs to blow.

The computer-generated screen will have various colored dots falling down the screen, which the user will use as a guide to know when to blow their jug. The dots will correspond to various notes, and the computer will have background music and jug-appropriate visualizations, like mountains and broken-down shacks.

This game will be collaborative, with each user playing a different jug. Other sounds they might make incude hitting their jugs together in a cheers motion, or tipping their jugs.

The computer screen might be projected on a wall for maximum immersion.

As a bonus, the user can determine the speed of the computer program depending on how fast or slow they want to blow, by tapping th beat out with their foot on an FSR.


Jugs, microphones, FSRs, various resistors and wires, a computer, possibly a projector


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