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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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The Clucoo - Lab 8

Project Members: 

The Clucoo


Our approach centered around a scissor joint we had left over from the "tightrope walker" (aka the sloth) project. The idea was to have one motion (and eventually one motor) drive both the doors and the bird. It was decided that tough chained scissor joints are traditionally used for coocoo birds, we were going to use the scissors for the doors. For the bird we were going to use a rocking pin in a plane perpendicular to that of the scissors. The two ends of the scissors and the rocking pin are drive by three sticks that all come together at the end. Pushing this joint activates the two scissor hands and the one rocking pin.

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Scissors - two chopsticks, one screw (for joint), bent plastick bottle cutouts and glue (to attach the chopsticks to 'doors'), two pieces of foamcore (doors)

Rocking pin and joint - stick rocking on a rounded foam core small piece tied atop the scissor joint with wire

Driving mechanism - three sticks attached to two scissor hands and the rocking pin; tied together with a rubber band and push pin.


There was no code as we did not automate the device. Automation would have involved a driving servo motor attached to the back joint by a stiff wire (so it can push as well as pull). All but the driving back joint would be secured onto a carboard base. In this case the servor motor code would be about 160 degree motion (to avoid getting stuck pushing and pulling at 180 degrees) controlled by a pot - nothing we haven't done before.

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