November 24, 2007
Reading for November 27th, are now posted. Enjoy!

October 2, 2007
To upload your thoughtless acts, create a new assignment page like any other lab. You'll see "Thoughtless Acts" listed as one of the assignment options.

May 24, 2008
This site has been archived and is no longer editable. Stay tuned for the next version, coming in the fall!

Thoughtless Acts Images

Project Members: 

Thoughtless Act 1Thoughtless Act 1

I'm not sure that this is a clear thoughtless act.  Though the boat pictured is placed on the ground, boats are often grounded to keep them from floating away.  Regardless, this particular boat was in the process of being offloaded from a trailer, so the ground used here was in the middle of campus, an unexpected location to say the least.  Here the ground was used to both show off the technology which went into the building of the boat (the boat is made from concrete) and as a place to rest the boat while other issues were being handled. 

Thoughtless Act 2Thoughtless Act 2 

This bike was found locked to a parking permit sign on campus.  This image is not rare around Berkeley, but it's interesting to note that the signs purpose is not to allow bikes to lock to them.  Instead the owner of the bike simply used the sign for their own purposes. 

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