November 24, 2007
Reading for November 27th, are now posted. Enjoy!

October 2, 2007
To upload your thoughtless acts, create a new assignment page like any other lab. You'll see "Thoughtless Acts" listed as one of the assignment options.

May 24, 2008
This site has been archived and is no longer editable. Stay tuned for the next version, coming in the fall!

Thoughtless acts

Project Members: 
Kenghao Chang

Backpack as pillow

This picture was taken in front of the doe library, in which people lay on the lawn and often use backpacks as pillows.


Bike racks

This picture was taken in front of south hall. This happens a lot, especially in berkeley. When there are not enough spaces in those "official" bike racks or when people are lazy to find one, bikes would be locked with any sign poles.


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