November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Shall I Dance? [[Body]]

Project Members: 
Laura Greig
Wenhua Shi


The body element of Shall I Dance? is a rig that places
actuators on an array of joints. The actuators are vibrate motors that
send a small, short pulse to the joint the dancer is meant to move,
according to the beat of the song.


• Arduino board
• Ribbon
• Adjustable straps
• 10x Vibrate motors


Processing has a
great aggregated thread of beat detection projects that we are building




Comments from TUI Teaching Team

Nice system, but so far, it is solely provides output to the user. We thought this system was going to also take input from the user. What is the *interaction* between the user and the system? So far, it is an output device.

The sketches are great. They show the physical artifact you guys are interested in designing and how the user would wear it. However, it does not really provide any sense of how the system is used and how it is used.

We provided several open questions in our last feedback. The sketches don't seem to indicate any sort of design evolution. In your presentation, be prepared to discuss the interaction loop.

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