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May 24, 2008
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Learning Languages With Marbles - Progress Sketch

Project Members: 
Isaac Salier-He...
Shawna Hein


Our design is an interactive interface for language learning.

It consists of a slightly tilted board with LED screens running along the length, and slots for marbles underneath the screens. The user starts the interaction by selecting a particular excerise from the options on the screen to the right of the board (for example, learning verbs, vocabulary, etc). The LED screens on the main board then display sample sentences with blanks left for the user to fill in the correct answers. The marble slots by the blanks light up. The correct answers are displayed on the screen to the right, each answer written out in a different color. These colors correspond to the different color marbles the user has to work with. The design then feeds the marbles to the user one by one through the borrom feed. The user must match the correct marble to the correct "marble slot" on the board. the board responds to correct placements lighting the slot up a particular color. It reacts to wrong placements either with an annoying sound or a different color. When the user completes the exercise correctly, the sentence is read aloud by the board.

At the end of the exercise, the user pulls the lever on the left to drop all the marbles down inside the board.

The game also keeps track of user's scores (certain number of points for solving the puzzles quickly).

A two player version may also be possible.

IMG_1183.JPG2.56 MB


Comments from TUI Teaching Team

Looks good. We are not quite sure about the mapping between the marble color and the words. Maybe the marbles can have the words directly on them? You still maintain the tangibility of the system and interaction but without the confusion of the color mapping. Or you need to motivate the color mapping more.

It seems that you guys have thought about the interaction a bit more from your initial design proposal. The sketches are good for to show the physical artifact that you are proposing. Though, We had to read the description very carefully to understand the proposed interaction. We think more of this could have come out of the sketches than in the text. For your presentation, be prepared to discuss how physical interaction with marbles contributes to language learning.

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