November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Point 'n' Ping - Progress Sketches

Project Members: 
Ken-ichi Ueda
Lora Oehlberg



Glove Love: See Microphone on the thumb, Laser rangefinder/pointer on the index finger

See Microphone on the thumb, Laser rangefinder/pointer on the index finger




PnP Headphones (fix)PnP Headphones

PnP Headphones: Probable Prototype (if we make one)PnP Headphones: Probable Prototype (if we make one)


Comments from TUI Teaching Team

Nice job with your sketches. It's fun to see Ken-Ichi in snorkel gear :). It's nice to see the physical artifact, but we would have liked to see sketches of how the system is to be used (Ken-ichi was a good attempt).

Again, very interesting idea. Wondering how it would work in a space with a bunch of objects packed together (e.g., in a library as you mentioned before). Maybe the quality of sound feedback changes as the resolution becomes higher or lower? For example, if a person is standing far from a bookshelf, he would know the sound signals approximately the second from the top shelf, but as he comes closer to the second shelf, the sound signals even more intensely (or accurately?) so he can find which book on the second shelf? For your presentation, be prepared to present and discuss the most compelling use case scenario and user journey.

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