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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Tangible Fish Tank - progress sketches

Project Members: 
Ethan DeYoung
Jess Kline
Srinivasan Ramaswamy


In our initial proposal, we considered designing a more playful fish tank that supported interactions with fake fish. For example, if someone tapped on this tank, the fish would hide underneath the large shell or if someone called the fish by its name, the fish would swim to the top of the tank. However, after initial feedback we realized that these interactions are not necessarily intuitive because people are not accustomed to playing with standard fish tanks or the fish inside them. In response, we have designed a nonstandard fish tank that naturally encourages a more active interaction.

We have replaced the standard rectangle fish tank with a sphere that people can pick up and roll. Because this spherical shape affords these natural interactions, people will want to pick it up and play with it like they would a ball. At the same time, the presence of actual fish and the heavy appearance of the tank would discourage rough interactions such as throwing or kicking. (Another possibility that we have discussed is the tank could have little flexible handles, that would still support rolling, which would provide an affordance to pick it up.)

Music would also be incorporated when someone rolls or picks up the tank. While more active music would play when the tank is lifted, more ambient sound would play when the fish tank is rolled around.

And lastly, the portability of the fish tank allows people to easily be near their fish in any room of their house. Therefore, the natural interactions, the incorporation of music, and the portable design allow people to have a more rewarding interaction with their fish.


Tank in your houseTank in your housemovingMoving the tank


pickupPicking up the tank


Musical MovementMusical Movement


Comments from TUI Teaching Team

We met and discussed your proposed ideas in person. So the comment below applies only to the sketch you submitted for the progress report. Good luck with the new idea!


From Dave: Hi guys, Nice sketches and gives us a very clear idea of the type of interaction you are! And it's great to see evolution in your design. Your group seems to be designing to appeal more to the affect or emotion, which, admittedly, is a difficult to appeal to. Consider very carefully what you are trying to evoke and how you go about doing it...

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