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May 24, 2008
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HotDotShot - Fun with iSight | Mechanical FSR construction

Project Members: 
Srikanth Narayan

Visualization using Processing - HotDotShot

Components used:
Breadboard, Arduino Microcontroller, 10K Ω resistor, 2 Pots and a photosensitive resistor.

HotDotShot (I know, lame for a name) is a video camera/picture camera that uses the capture stream and manipulates it to produce a visually appealing picture. Based on the brightness spots of the capture, circles of varying sizes are generated for the resultant image. The grainy factor of the image can be controlled by using the first pot as the input. The color of the grains can be controlled using the second pot. After tweaking the two inputs for a satisfying image, the user can tap the photosensor once. The image on the screen will be saved to file for later viewing or printing.

Pictures: Attached

Code: Attached
Based on a sketch I found on


Mechanical Component to control FSR.

Picture: FSR.jpg

I found that the FSR is actually the same size as a dime. So I decided to stick two dimes on the inside surface of a bulldog clip. Two circular pieces of rubber are stuck over the two coins. When the bulldog clip is contracted, the rubber pieces slowly apply pressure on the FSR thus producing a linear FSR input.


HotDot: Self PortraitHotDot: Self Portrait

2: A Clockwork Orange!2: A Clockwork Orange

3: Cameras shooting at each other!3: Cameras shooting at each other!

FSR Force Distribute: Sandwich consisting of a Bulldog clip, Dimes, eraser rounds and the FSRFSR Force Distribute: Sandwich consisting of a Bulldog clip, Dimes, eraser rounds and the FSR

HotDotShot.txt2.44 KB



the visualization is really cool! nice work

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