November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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oh no, a BAT!

Project Members: 


* Vampire Bat!
* I made a bat that sleeps in the dark. When you expose it to light, it SCREAMS and its eyes FLASH,
* horrifying all nearby. Fortunately, the bat is susceptible to a wooden stake in the heart, as it
* is a vampire. But don't let it lull you into a feeling of safety, if it is allowed to return to
* darkness, it will re-capture its evil life-force and awake again!!
* This program does nothing while the photo-resistor is in the dark. Once the sensor detects light,
* the program will blink the LED (I made two in series to simulate eyes) and beep the piezospeaker
* repeatedly in a terrifying way, until the FSR is hit. Then upon re-entering darkness, the program
* resets its state, waiting to be activated again.


Components Used

1 Bat

1 Arduino board

1 breadboard

buncha wirez

2 Red LEDs

1 piezo speaker


1 photocell

2 10k-ohm resistors

1 200-ohm resistor


Arduino Code

code link


photo link

video link



oh man, that was good.

oh man, that was good. definitely worth 40 seconds of hard laughter. Please make sure you bring this to class tomorrow!

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