November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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As The World Turns on My Waterbottle During a Sunny Day

Project Members: 

Part 1 (Programming): Arduino Earth Description
I wrote code that allows you to control a globe via analog inputs into an Arduino board:- the brightness of the globe is determined by the light detected by a photoresistor. in dim light, the globe looks dim. in bright light, the globe's brightness is set high. - the spin and tilt of the globe are controlled by turning the knobs of two potentiometers. rotating the knob from one end to the other causes a full 360-degree rotation- the Arduino just forwards the readings from the photocell and 2 pots directly to the serial port as a comma-separated list of values, and Processing takes those numbers and shows us the corresponding view of the earth.
Components Used1 Photoresistor2 Potentiometers 1 10k-ohm resistor1 Arduino BoardArduino Code
code linkProcessing Codecode link

setup photoscreenshot  Part 2 (mechanical):Cafe ArduinoDescriptionIt sucks when you forget you have hot coffee in a mug, and when you remember, it's lukewarm. So I made a design that will embed a pressure sensor in the bottom of a mug. The idea is that if you leave the mug alone, and the pressure on the sensor is a constant weight for a long time, it will notify you: "Hey! your coffee's gettin cold!" Because my coffee cup has a concave bottom, i used the foam disc to make sure that there's an even weight distribution on the FSR. Components Used
1 force-sensitive resistor1 white foam disc1 coffee mug Artifacts
build photousage photo

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