November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Shall I Dance?

Project Members: 
Laura Greig
Wenhua Shi

Shall I Dance?Group MembersWenhua ShiLaura GreigMichael UrashkaObjectiveA mad groove generator, smooth move operator, built to help us dig some funky beats.SID promotes the muscle memory of movement attached to rhythm. Designed not to play out the patterns of formal dancing, but to promote an organic cadence of movement that is tailored entirely by the individual. Consider it a metronome for the body.The dancer steps into the device, inputs a song of their choosing, and rhythm detectors send impulses to appropriate parts of the body to encourage motion in synch with the music.ExecutionSID is a harness-style device— highly adjustable, and worn comfortably over clothing. The harness brings an array of actuators to key points on the body: shoulders, elbows, hips, legs. Actuators in the harness are controlled via Arduino.Beat analysis software in Processing will dictate the serial output of the Arduino.MaterialsLEDsLinear motorsVibrate motors Additional PathsForce sensors (for shoes)Projector providing silhouette-generated visualization 


System -- Interesting idea!

System -- Interesting idea! What kind of force feedback does the system provide to the dancer? Is the feedback "corrective" or "collaborative" or "synergetic?" Would the feedback be shocking or distracting to the dancer? What happens when the person gets it right or gets it wrong? Possible interesting interaction to happen when two or more people hit a similar rhythm? Possibilities for other dancers to influence the individual dancers display such as shadows and LEDs you mentioned?

Related Work: Here are a couple of references for "Shall I Dance" project: The Magic Carpet , Dance Shoe, Large-Crowd Interaction project from MIT Media Lab:

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