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May 24, 2008
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Point 'n' Ping: Midterm Project Proposal

Project Members: 
Ken-ichi Ueda
Lora Oehlberg


Point 'n' Ping (PnP) is a system for auditorially drawing someone's attention to an object. When one user ("The Pointer") points at an object, the other use ("The Listener" or "The Bat") hears a ping that seems to be coming from the object, but actually originates from a pair of headphones.

Potential Use Cases

PnP could be applicable whenever speaking or physical contact are impossible, impracticle, or socially inappropriate. For example:

  • SCUBA diving
  • loud social gatherings (e.g. concerts, clubs)
  • hunting
  • military applications
  • libraries

Implementation IntentionsThe system would include

  • headphones
  • positioning sensor system to determine distance and direction between a pair of users
  • augmented glove with range finding

Our initial plan is to prototype PnP using laser range finders in the gloves, with a belt-mounted position sensor, and circumaural headphones. At present, we're still considering options for the position sensors (e.g. GPS), but would appreciate some suggestions

Concept SketchesPoint 'n' Ping 1 Point 'n' Ping 2 

Alternative Names

  • "Poit"
  • "The Bat Belt"
  • "The Voice Hurler"

pnp1.jpg101.48 KB
pnp2.jpg106.32 KB


Observation - Nice thinking.

Observation - Nice thinking. Sometimes it's difficult to get someone's attention to someone and you realized that you can augment our communication channels with a system that allows you to uses non-visual cues.

System - The system seems straightforward enough. The tangible aspect of the system helps determine the object of interest while the auditory channel provides feedback. Have you considered other input/output modalities? Like a vibrating belt, perhaps? Have you considered how you can use this system to expand the scope of tasks supported?

Related Work - There is a whole body of literature of deictic referencing which you may want to consider. It's a common theme in CSCW.

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