November 24, 2007
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October 2, 2007
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May 24, 2008
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Exploring the faces of an RGB Color Cube

Project Members: 
Srikanth Narayan

Controlling LEDs using three pots

Components used:

Breadboard, Arduino microcontroller, 220Ω Resistors, 3 variable resistance potentiometers, 3 Light Emitting Diodes.

Code: Provided.

Picture: Attached below

Color cube Face Explorer

Modified the code so that the 3 Pots can be used as input in exploring the 6 faces of an RGB colour cube.

Code: Attached. 

ThreePOTThreePOT RGB CubeRGB Cube

ColourCubeFaceExplore.txt2.9 KB


thanks for including that

thanks for including that graphic :) I wonder why they felt compelled to still call it x, y, and z and not r, g, and b...



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