Fall 2013

Installing R:

  1. Choose the installation instructions for your operating system here.

  2. Download the R-3.0.1.pkg installer (if you are running an older version of an operating system, you may have to download a different build of R).

  3. During the installation process, choose English for the language

NOTE for Windows users: There may be two R icons on your desktop after the installation process. When you open the program, make sure the icon you click on corresponds to your operating system bit-value (64 or 32-bit).

Installing R Commander :

  1. Open R

  2. In the R Console window, type: install.packages("Rcmdr", dependencies = TRUE)

  3. Especially if you’re running Windows, this can be useful to see the installation steps, in case you need to install additional packages.

  4. If you are using a Mac, you will need to have the X11.app or XQuartz.app program installed in order to run the Rcmdr GUI (read details here).

  5. Choose the CRAN mirror USA (CA 1), which is in Berkeley.

To Open R Commander: Type library(Rcmdr) into the R console.