Part I: Research Methods

Week 1: Introduction and Background to Research

L1. Thursday, Aug. 26 

  • No reading.

Week 2: Background to Research

L2. Tuesday, Aug. 31

  • Bernard, Ch. 2 (in reader)

L3. Thursday, Sept. 2

  • Creswell, Ch. 1 (in reader)

Week 3: Defining Research Problems

L4. Tuesday, Sept. 7

  • Brown and Muchira. 2004. "Investigating the relationship between internet privacy concerns and online purchase behavior." Journal of Electronic Commerce Research. [*Focus on first 6 pages*].  PDF
  • Mark, Noah.  1998. "Birds of a Feather Sing Together" Social Forces 77:2. [*Focus on first 16 pages, up until the Results*] PDF

NOTE: The main goal for these readings is to critically examine the research problems and questions in each paper, and how the method fits the stated questions/problem. More details

L5. Thursday, Sept. 9

Week 4: Survey Data Collection and Questionnaires

L6. Tuesday, Sept. 14

(Be sure to click through all the subsections that appear when you click through the sections of Survey Research on the left-hand navigation.) 

L7. Thursday, Sept. 16

  • Bernard, Ch. 8 (in reader)

Week 5: Surveys, continued

L8. Tuesday, Sept. 21

  • Jon Krosnick, "Question and Questinnaire Design" PDF
  • Saris, W., Revilla, M., Krosnick, J. A., & Shaeffer, E. (2010). Comparing questions with agree/disagree response options to questions with item-specific response options. Survey Research Methods, 4, 61-79. PDF

L9. Thursday, Sept. 23

Week 6: Experiments and Experimental Design

L10. Tuesday, Sept. 28

  • Bernard, Ch. 4 (in reader)
  • Freedman, Pisani, and Purves, Ch. 1

L11. Thursday, Sept. 30 Data (454.9 KB)

Part II: Probability and Statistics

Week 7: Probability and Sampling

L12. Tuesday, Oct. 5

  • Freedman et al. Chapters 13 (pp. 221-233), 14 (pp. 237-246) and 19 (pp. 333-353) 

L13. Thursday, Oct. 7

  • Freedman et al. Chapter 20
  • Bernard Chapter 5, "Sampling" (in reader)

Week 8: Introduction to STATA and Working with Structured Data

L14. Tuesday, Oct. 12

L15. Thursday, Oct. 14

Week 9: Finding Data and Intro to Univariate Analysis

L16. Tuesday, Oct. 19

No reading, but browse the following sites and become familiar with the offerings:

L17. Thursday, Oct. 21

  • Freedman et al. Chapters 3 and 4

Week 10: Univariate Analysis

L18. Tuesday, Oct. 26

L19. Thursday, Oct. 28

Part III: Bivariate and Multivariate Analyses

Week 11: Logic of Hypothesis Testing

L20. Tuesday, Nov. 2

  • Freedman et al. Chapters 8 and 9 

L21. Thursday, Nov. 4

  • Freedman et al. Chapters 17, 18 and 26 (through page 488)

Week 12: Correlation

L22. Tuesday, Nov. 9

L23. Thursday, Nov. 11

  • No Class - Administrative Holiday

Week 13: The T-Test and Chi-Square Test

L24. Tuesday, Nov. 16

L25. Thursday, Nov. 18

  • Myers and Well chapter on Regression (in reader)
    Regression Chapters from "Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics"
  • STATA programs (  (

Week 14: Lab

L26. Tuesday, Nov. 23

L27. Thursday, Nov. 25

  • No class - Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 15: ANOVA and Regression

L28. Tuesday, Nov. 30

  • Regression examples and discussion
  • No additional reading
  • STATA program (

L29. Thursday, Dec. 2 

  • Course Review
  • Finalization of what data you will be using on the final exam (one option is the GSS data that we will provide)
  • STATA program (

Week 16: Course review, Take-Home Exam Distributed in Class

L30. Tuesday, Dec. 7

  • No class meeting

L31. Thursday, Dec 9

  • No class meeting.
  • Final Exam distributed

FINAL EXAM DUE:  Thursday, December 16th at 11:59PM


Final Exam

Optional dataset for final exam (if not using your own data):  GSS_1974.dta