Course Information

Tentative Grading Criteria

Exam 1 25%
Exam 2 25%
Project 25%
Homeworks 25%
Class Participation 10%
Total 110%


IS 206 or equivalent.


Required: Douglas Comer, Computer Networks and Internets, 4th Edition. [website]

Note: The campus bookstore is selling the Comer book with the companion lab book "Comer, Hands-on Networking with Internet Applications, Second edition, 2004" as a bundle. While the companion book is not required for the course, you are welcome to get the bundle since the lab book is included at no extra charge. (Well, this is what the publisher told me...)

Optional: James Kurose and Keith Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 3rd Edition. [website]


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