INFO 234. Information Technology Economics, Strategy, and Policy

Spring 2016


Course Description

Application of economic tools and principles, including game theory, industrial organization, information economics, and behavioral economics, to analyze business strategies and public policy issues surrounding information technologies and IT industries. Topics include: economics of information; economics of information goods, services, and platforms; strategic pricing; strategic complements and substitutes; competition models; network industry structure and telecommunications regulation; search and the "long tail"; network cascades and social epidemics; network formation and network structure; peer production and crowdsourcing; interdependent security and privacy.

Course Logistics

Meeting Time

    Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:30pm in 202 South Hall


    John Chuang
    Office: 303A South Hall
    Office hours: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm
    GSI: Elaine Sedenberg
    Office hours: Wednesdays 11am-noon
    Location: 302 South Hall

CCN: 41590

Units: 3

Tentative Grading Criteria

    Homework assignments: 60%
    Final project: 25%
    Class participation: 15%

Assignments and Project Policy

    Assignments and projects are posted on bCourses.

    Unless otherwise noted, assignments and projects are due at 2pm on the due date.
    • Submissions *up to* 24 hours after the due date will be penalized 20%.
    • Submissions after 24 hours will receive no credit.

Academic Integrity

    Discussion with instructors and classmates is allowed/encouraged, but each student must turn in individual, original work and cite sources where appropriate.

    UC Berkeley Code of Student Conduct: http://sa.berkeley.edu/code-of-conduct