Info 218: Concepts of Information Spring 2012

School of Information, UC Berkeley, Spring 2012
Paul Duguid, Geoffrey Nunberg, instructors


(Full references, links, and additional sources are listed on the Readings page)

Week 1
17 Jan: Introduction

19 Jan: Exercise: I-School Identities

Week 2
24 Jan: Playing With Words: "Technology," "Platform," and Other "Keywords"

26 Jan: Exercise: Producing and Consuming Information

Week 3
31 Jan:
How Much Information?

2 Feb: History of "Information"—1

Week 4
7 Feb: History of "Information"—2

9 Feb: The "Public," the Public Sphere, and Public Opinion

Week 5
14 Feb: From the Bourgeois Public Sphere to the Internet

16 Feb: Exercise: Public Opinion

Week 6
21 Feb: Information and the State

23 Feb: Information and the Organization

Week 7
28 Feb: Information and Objectivity

1 Mar: Exercise: Objectivity

Week 8
6 Mar: Information and Political Science

8 Mar: Exercise: Political Science

Week 9
13 Mar: Information and the Organization of Knowledge

15 Mar: Exercise: The Internet and the Organization of Knowledge

Final Paper/Project Proposals Due

20 Mar: Theories of Information—1

22 Mar: Information, Economics, and Development

Week 11
Midterm break

- No classes -

Week 12
3 April: Information, Economics, and Development—2

5 Apr: Theories of Information—2

Week 13
10 Apr: Information and Cognitive science—1

12 Apr: Discussion: Outline of Finals Papers/Projects

Week 14
17 Apr: Information and Cognitive Science—2: Critique

19 Apr: Literacy, then and now

Week 15
24 Apr: Searching for Information

26 Apr: Wrap: Has This Course Provided Any Information?

Week 16: Reading Week
1 May: Final Paper/Project Presentations

11 May: Final Paper/Project Due