UC Berkeley, School of Information
IS 205: Information Law & Policy, Spring 2007
Professor Pamela Samuelson


Lecture Readings Reader pp.
Jan. 22 Introduction to Information Policy
5 Challenges p. 3
Jan. 29 Copyright Protection for Data Compilations
Assignment 1, due
Feist v. Rural,
Warren v. Microdos
p. 11
Feb. 5 Technology and (Mis)appropriation of Data NBA v. Motorola p. 47
Feb. 12 Mass Market Licensing of Data Compilations Pro-CD v. Zeidenberg
Elkin-Koren BTLJ
p. 61
Feb. 19 Consumer Protection & Information Licensing Mortensen
Williams v. AOL
Braucher Principles
p. 91
Feb. 26 Liability for Defective Information Cardozo
p. 141
March 5 Balancing Employer/Employee Interests:
Copyright & Patent Default Rules
Wexler v. Greenberg
Whyte v. Schlage
KGB v. Giannoulas
p. 155
March 12 Balancing Employer/Employee Interests:
Trade Secrecy Law, Restrictive Covenants
Aymes v. Bonelli
Aetna Standard
p. 183
March 19 EU Approach to Information Privacy Protection EU Directive p. 195
April 2 US Approach to Information Privacy Protection FTC Report
Advisory Comm.
p. 221
April 9 Privacy of Electronic Communications US v. Councilman
US v. Warshak
p. 263
April 16 Unsolicited Email as Computer Trespass Intel v. Hamidi p. 291
April 23 Government Mandate to Filter Indecent Content ALA v. US p. 323
April 30 - moved to May 7 Net Neutrality Cerf et al. Testimony p. 351
May 7 - moved to April 30 Technology and Internet Jurisdiction Reidenberg p. 387