Assignment Summary

Item Assigned Due Link
Assignment 1 February 12 February 21 [PDF]
Assignment 2 March 13 March 20 [PDF]
Assignment 3 April 17 April 24 [PDF]
Final Paper May 15th

Final Paper Guidelines:

Per our class discussions and feedback regarding your papers, we expect papers to be approximately 25-35 pages, double-spaced 12-pont font. You should use proper citations, including a ‘references’ or ‘works cited’ page. Though your topics vary widely, all papers should have a clear problem space and a primary argument (in some cases there are sub-arguments– but there should always be an over-arching argument). You may find it useful to ask yourself these questions as you review your final paper: How well do you support your argument? Does the paper show critical thought, evaluation, and research in the topic area? Is the paper well-written? Is the paper well organized?


Take-Home Writing Assignments (45%)

There will be three take-home writing assignments. These will draw from topics and issues in the course readings and lectures. In addition, some assignments may have aspects designed to help motivate your final paper. The three take-home assignments will each represent 15% of your grade, for a combined total of 45%.

Reading Response Papers (15%)

Students are required to turn in a reading response paper every other Thursday (i.e., Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, etc). These papers should focus on issues related to the readings during this two week period. Response papers can be many things, including (but not limited to): exploring the issues that are most interesting to you in some detail, relating the current readings to other material within or outside of this course, critiquing readings carefully, etc. As past students have consistently demonstrated, you get out what you put into these papers. We grade these papers on a check, check-plus, and check-minus scale (A, A+, B+). With the authors’ permission, we may occasionally post exemplary response papers to the website.

Participation/Discretionary (10%)

10% of your grade will come from participation and instructor discretion. Your class participation is a combination of your attendance and activity in the class.

Final Research Paper (30%)

The remaining 30% of the course grade will come from the final research paper (approximately 25-35 pages). Details about choosing topics for the final paper as well as specific requirements will be distributed during the semester. Unlike the other course writing assignments, the final paper will require you to use material outside of the class readings (though this can be in addition to relevant course readings).

Grading Summary

Reading Response Papers 15%
Assignment 1 15%
Assignment 2 15%
Assignment 3 15%
Participation / Discretionary 10%
Final Paper 30%

Note: Reading response papers will be graded on a check-minus, check, check-plus scale. All other items will receive letter-grades.