i181 Technology and Poverty

Spring 2011



Relevant Additional Readings:

Bilger, Burkhard. Annals of Invention, “Hearth Surgery,” The New Yorker, December 21, 2009, p. 84 [download pdf] – a recent account of the “appropriate technologies” movement and to the ongoing development of cook stoves in particular.
Brazil: Skidmore (2004) Brazil’s Persistent Income Inequality: Lessons from History
Mexico: Chisthi and Bergeron (2008) Virtual Border Fence Given Mixed Assessment
South Africa: Bowker and Star (1999) “The Case of Race Classification and Reclassification Under Apartheid,” in Sorting Things Out: Classification and its Consequences
China: Chan and Zhang (1999) The Hukou System and Rural-Urban Migration in China: Processes and Changes
China: Breslin (2004) Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: the Public, the Private, the International
Additional material on the Green Revolution – Biology 301, Oregon State University.
da Costa Marques, I. (2005). “Cloning Computers: From Rights of Possession to Rights of Creation.” Science as Culture 14(2): 139-160. [download pdf] – on Brazil’s Mac da Periferia – Mac of the periphery (from the institutional approaches to poverty lecture)
Liang, L. (2010) “Access Beyond Developmentalism: Technology and the Intellectual Life of the Poor.” ITID, 6: 65-67. [download pdf] – thinking broadly about the needs/interests of the poor.