1. React

    Sun 15 September 2013
    By Matti

    ASSIGNMENT 1: Report on your experience contacting and explaining your intention to contribute to the community. Did you follow a 'script'? Was it a formal or informal process? Did you face any barriers to participation? Do you think your experience was personal or general? Please include in your post links ...

  2. Lab 1 - Github, Pull Requests, and the Course Website

    Mon 09 September 2013
    By Seb

    Our first lab will be an introduction to: Pelican, the technoogy behind our course website; Github, the currently ascendent open source "forge"; and pull requests, the way you will be handing in assignments for class.

  3. Welcome!

    Thu 08 August 2013
    By Seb

    Please note no class 8/30. Class begins Tuesday, 9/3 in South Hall 202

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