Assignment 1 - Approaching a community

ASSIGNMENT 1: Report on your experience contacting and explaining your intention to contribute to the community. Did you follow a 'script'? Was it a formal or informal process? Did you face any barriers to participation? Do you think your experience was personal or general? Please include in your post links to opening conversations with the open project. Include any relevant mailing list posts, wiki edits, and forum/issue tracker contributions.

To submit this assignment, please use a pull request. Your assignment should be a file in Markdown format with the file name "first initial-last name-hyphen-''". For example, John Doe should put a file named into the content/assignment1/ directory.

Note that blog posts in Pelican include metadata at the top of the file. See here to learn more about Pelican content metadata. You should fill out the Slug field with the same value as the filename, without the file extension. E.g jdoe-assign1

Please give your post an accurate Date. Tag your post with the name of your project. For example, you might have Tags: peerlibrary in the header of your entry.

Include a link to the email archives of your project (or forum, if there are no email archives). Ideally, you should post to the message you used to introduce yourself to the group. If that is not appropriate for some reason, please provide the next best thing. We are looking for evidence that you have identified the technical infrastructure of the project and used it to engage the community directly.